Treating all fields the same will never give the highest possible yield return. Every field delivers a different nutrient level accesible for the crops. This goes for both macro- and micronutrients. To know more about the nutrient level (nitrogen) available in the soil, we always recommend to have a zero and max plot in your fields. This way you can determine the level of Nitrogen provided by the soil and the level needed to reach your targets. In the growing season, you can also determine the size of the last N-application by using YaraIrix and the N-Tester.

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N-Prognosis / N-Barometer


Follow Yara N-Prognosis and the weekly N-uptake measurements from regional field trials. Here, we share valuable updates on mineralization and N-uptake trends in the growing season.

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Zero & Max plot

Zero & Max plot

With zero and maximum plot made with sowing, the farmer can specify the nitrogen fertilization during the growing season free of charge.

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YaraIrix & Yara N-Tester

YaraRix og N-Tester BT

YaraIrix and N-Tester are tools that help you to make better decisions on the timing for fertilization and the N rate in average for a field.

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